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Sweet Pickles

A lot of my readers appear to be just about my age.  So, at least one of you read my title and thought “Oh, wow!  I loved those books!!!”

Sweet Pickles books were distributed starting in 1977 and there was one for every letter of the alphabet.  Throughout my life I have been both a slob and a neatnik.  But one thing remained the same.  I keep my Sweet Pickles books in alphabetical order.

Okay, two things remained the same.  I am also a moody so and so.  One moment I am elated, the very next in the pit of despair.

My very favorite Sweet Pickle book is about Moody Moose.  Moody Moose is happy one moment, sad the next ,and it troubles the other folks in her town. So much so that Zebra throws Moose a party and gives her a set of buttons.  One for sweet and one for sour, so that everyone can tell from a distance what kind of a mood Moose is in depending upon which button she is wearing.

Lucy takes after her mama.  And Moose.  But I don’t think she needs buttons.  It is fairly apparent.


What a difference a few minutes can make...