Autumnal Adornment

There are a million things wrong with shopping at big-box stores.  They are local economy killers.  They are filled with processed food and cheaply made products and hate and vitriol and bad lighting.

I know this. But sometimes time is of the essence and a dollar only stretches so far in a single income household and I’m not making any more excuses.

I am about to tell you what the real problem is with big-box grocery stores.  One minute you are checking and double checking your grocery list.  How many pounds of butter do you need for Thanksgiving? Can you have too much?

And the next minute you have fallen in to a weird, dark place and you are grabbing a straw wreath form and some burlap ribbon.

Yesterday I wanted to make a baby.  Today I had a burning desire (no, NEED) to make a wreath.  I NEEDED AN AUTUMNAL WREATH and I needed it NOW.

I put away the perishable items quickly.  With bags of groceries still on the floor around my feet I made a wreath because I could not bear to be wreathless for one moment longer.

I picked those leaves up from my yard, y’all.  Whew.  Now I can finally breathe deeply again.  My front door is properly and seasonally adorned.  And eventually I got my groceries put away.

I will not make a baby.  But I am gonna make the shit out of some crafts.  Be warned.


15 responses to “Autumnal Adornment

  1. That wreath kicks ass AND it never poops a diaper. Win!

  2. Funny, I just bought a bunch of stuff to make a new Xmas wreath for my front door! :)

  3. And what a damn fine wreath it is too!

  4. Love your wreath! You are crafty, and it looks awesome on your red door. :)

  5. I like the contrast of the turquoise and the colour of the leaves. Lovely. Plus, the fact that you crafted makes you a superhero in my eyes.

    • Slightly less superheroish? My 8 year old asked me if we could do a thanksgiving craft the other night. She got home from school and says “Mom, you made a wreath! Why didn’t you wait for me?” My response “I have no idea, I just got so excited and I couldn’t stop.” She rolled her eyes.

  6. Oh, a wreathe is so much better. You can keep it until next year (or not!) And as I tell my friends considering a second, or a third, or a fourth (really, I thought four only happened by mistake, just saying) besides the fact that you’ll need a different car, having four still doesn’t stop you from thinking, “Hmm. Is that a new baby I smell? Maybe I want five.” We’ve all gotta stop sometime, right?

  7. Niiiiiiice. I pinned it because I want you to become Pinterest famous.

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