A Not So Very Big Deal Kind of Day

“I just realized I should have called you before I did this… but I gave away our crib today,” I said, as soon as he answered the phone.

“Just get a picture before you take it apart,” he said.20130701-143311.jpgIt wasn’t all the way apart.  And to be honest, this is as “in the crib” as Lucy ever got in the last two years.  So, it was kind of a non-event.

I took apart the crib and gave it away.

That sounds like a Big Deal, like a milestone.  “Awww, hold old is your baby? Is she moving in to a toddler bed?”

The “baby” is not even 18 months old but it doesn’t make any sense to keep stuffed animals in a gigantic cage.  In fact, I am not even really sure why we had so many damn stuffed animals and I gave away a trash bag of those today, too.

She isn’t moving in to a toddler bed.  In fact, when she moves out of our bed and in to her own it will be a step down.  She will be moving from a King to a Queen.  Poor kid.20130701-143303.jpg

I briefly considered looking at bedding online.  But it is hard to find whimsical kid bedding in a Queen size.  I spent a year and a half wedged in a twin bed with Emily when she “moved in to her own bed” and I am not making that mistake again. So, a Queen size bed it is for this kid.

And really, by the time she moves in to her own room she probably won’t want a whimsical kid room, anyway, right? I should probably get some kind of side table so she has a place for her cup of coffee, huh? I’m guessing she will be reading and drinking coffee by the time she moves out of our room.  She has a comfortable chair; she just needs a table.  Kid will be Virginia Woolf’ing it up by her 17th birthday, max.  But I am ready.

In the meantime, we are booking the Guest Room for the remainder of the summer season.


13 responses to “A Not So Very Big Deal Kind of Day

  1. I don’t know your budget, but Etsy has some Queen kiddo bedding… most of it is made-to-order, but some is already done up. Etsy solves all!

  2. Our crib was the most expensive and nicely decorated toy box ever. We didn’t even try to put the second kid in it. I’m currently navigating the transition to bunk beds with two kids who still both want to sleep with me. I wish I’d just gone for the queen. *sigh*

    Also, that bedding is *gorgeous*.

    • Ha, that is the real reason I want Lucy to stay in a Queen bed. I am kinda hopeful I can make a “little girl room” out of this bedding somehow because I LOVE it.

  3. southernfriedinvegas

    Thank you for blogging about this! Ayden is almost 14 months and is still in our bed. We just wondered to ourselves the other night if we should just go ahead and turn it into a toddler bed or take it apart all together. I think my husband has hope that she will sleep in it.
    I’m glad someone else’s kid still sleeps with them, so I don’t feel crappy about it. Now you just need to write about how the hell you still have sex. I’m still trying to figure that one out.

    • My kids have a twin/full bunk bed. The older one sleeps on top, I sleep on the bottom with DS. That way no one is crowded and I don’t wake my husband, who has sleep issues, every time I have to pee, or when I get up in the morning with the kids. Sex stays in the master bedroom, where I get to hang out once the toddler sleeps–though he won’t stay in bed when I get up in the morning, 9 times out of 10.

    • Hrrm…. I just might. The short answer – we just do it. Sometimes it is comical. Most of the time it is interrupted. But we just seixe the opportunity. Occasionally if we want to get r-o-w-d-y I will slide her on to the floor for a bit.

  4. Why not get her a full if you want whimsical kid bedding but room still to cosleep? A lot of kid-type bedding comes in full. We’ve been sleeping 3 people in a full for years, it’s only 6 inches narrower than a queen.

  5. Ah, the family bed. Our 17yo son still needs to be with us on occasion. Don’t judge; Dr. Sears was our hero.

  6. Yeah, we never had a crib. Yay for more space!

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