The Dinner Date

Sometimes I need to use a lot of words. Sometimes I just need a few.


I think we should go out to dinner like grown-ups more than once a year. I should really parade you around in public frequently while you are still my twenty-something year old husband. The clock is ticking. You’ll be 30 in two months. I love you. You look cute in a tie. Marriage looks good on you, too.

xo, Kel


8 responses to “The Dinner Date

  1. pearls! love it! he’s a cutie. nice job. :)

    • Pearls make me feel all grown-up fancy.

      • So, I wrote my fiction on-the-fly yesterday, and I wanted you to know, that I based the expression that you make on your blog as expression the new character Chris was making on the plane. So, you’ve (or your persona) now permeated my consciousness. You poor thing. Good job on the race last month, but the way! Woot!

  2. Y’all are adorable.

  3. Holy shit, you look just like your mom in the top right picture.

  4. Oh yes!! Parade him around while he’s still in his 20’s. Of course, you can still parade him around while he’s in his 30’s too. It just won’t be quite the same. I love how in love you two are!! It’s so stinkin’ cute!!

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