The Book of Truth?

Emily brings home a book every day.

On Tuesday afternoon I was fit to be tied midway through homework time. I was in a mood.  Stomping.  A little light swearing.  She handed me the book she had chosen from her “Book in a Bag” selection and I grimaced.  “Did you pick this book for me?  It is NOT funny.”20130117-162252.jpg


On Wednesday she selected another book.  We were in a hurry to get homework finished because I had an appointment.  To get my hair cut.



Last night we joked that we should look at the books she had selected for the rest of the week so we could take a look in to the future.

Now it is Thursday.  It has been raining since about 6 o’clock this morning.  She handed me her book as we sat down to read this afternoon.  To my credit I did not say “You have got to be kidding me?  Get away from me with your crazy voodoo future predicting book picking skills?!”

I hope it stops raining soon.  I really do.  While I was typing this just now Lucy dumped the dog’s bowl of water on the floor in the kitchen.  I hope that is flood enough to satisfy the “Book in a Bag” Gods.


9 responses to “The Book of Truth?

  1. HAHAHAHA…Where’s the Don-Don is visiting book? Mommy and Daddy Go to Sexytown? I’m on a roll…I’m going to stop now.

  2. Wow. She has got some good mojo going.

  3. I have a feeling Ava’s going to come home with a book titled “Please Stop Wearing Yoga Pants Every Day of Your Life.”

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