True Love

When I first met my husband he gave me a little spring in my step.  He was hot.  He was 25.  I was a mom.  I was 32.  He liked me.  He like liked me.  It made me feel a little extra sassy.  Mama’s still got it and all that, right?

Years later the discrepancy in our ages sometimes creates the opposite effect.  I wonder if I look older when I stand next to him.  Does his under 30 skin make the spots on my face more obvious?  I am tired.  It shows.  I aged quite a bit the year after Emily was born.  It’s happening again.  Staying awake for a year can wreck you. The lines in my forehead are deep, rivaled only by the dark circles under my eyes.


This morning I took matters in to my own hands.  I took an old, old man to bed.  He has a grey beard and his feet smell like corn chips.  But he makes me feel beautiful.  He kisses like me there is no tomorrow.  His brown eyes have seen me happy.  They have seen me sad.  He loves me unconditionally.  His breath leaves a little something to be desired.  But I love him.  With everything I am.

Fish man



13 responses to “True Love

  1. I think you look absolutely stunning.

  2. Dog love and dog smelly kisses in the morning make feel anew, however, you got nothing to worry, you are far from being a wreck.

  3. Staying awake for a year does make one older. Such wisdom there!

  4. Kelly,
    First of all, you’re beautiful. Secondly, dogs (or cats in my case) so help us to feel better about ourselves. Glad yours can do that for you…

  5. You are SO not a wreck!! Our furbabies are good about making us feel special & their love is always unconditional.

  6. Man, there is nothing like a wonderful dog!
    (And I love have you have to raise your eyebrows to crease your forehead – you’re not foolin’ anybody on how pretty you are! ^.^)

  7. I love everything about this post except the part about what a wreck you’ve become. Bullshit. You look like a girl. Humph.

  8. I know that kind of love, and is awesome.

  9. Nothing quite like the love of a dog to make everything alright again. They see you for you – no matter what lines might be on your face. Anyway, the lines are from giving of yourself – be proud of them.

  10. Smells like. . .Corn chips? I inexplicably like the smell of my dog’s feet but could never come with a descriptor for them. Dogs are the best aren’t they? My old girl can’t jump up on the bed anymore so I have to cuddle with her on her bed. A bit more smelly but that’s what we do for love.

  11. Fisher is such a wonderful dog! You got lucky when you found him. I wish we could find a dog that is as good. So what he a little older and has some gray going on, don’t we all?!

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