Love is All You Need

This morning  Lucy and I were solving the world’s problems from our post in the bedroom.  We had returned to bed for some cuddles after Em left for school.  “It’s been a few days since you posted. Mike Month is lagging…” MQD observed as he readied himself to leave for work.

I thought for a moment before I replied.  We’d had a sweet morning and I didn’t want my tendency towards smartassery to spoil the moment. “There is nothing more boring than a happily married woman.”

I’m at a loss.  I’d planned to wax poetically about our wedding all month, but I fear I will nauseate my devoted readers.  It seems the vulgar and the emotional scab picking are most appreciated (and I will refrain from pointing out what that says about you, you dirtballs.)  I’m not interested  in sharing the down and dirty of my marital life  and my marriage is too new to have scabs.

So here I sit.  Compelled to finish out my month of wedding anniversary celebration and yet there are only so many ways to say “Look!  Hot damn, I am a happy girl!!!” before it begins to fall flat.

“There is nothing more boring than a happily married woman,” I said.  “Even my father has noted that ye olde blog has been lackluster.”  I continued on, making excuses about how difficult it has been to write about my marriage this month, my self proclaimed “month long declaration of love.”

Without missing a beat MQD smirked and said “Your life is one long declaration of love.”  He looked down at Lucy wiggling away on the bed and said “It’s true. Your mommy spends all day telling everyone how much she loves them.”

He’s right.  I yelled “I love you!” out the front door enough times this morning at Emily while she waited for the bus that once she actually yelled back “I KNOW!”  I have told Lucy that I love her no fewer than a hundred times today.  It’s what I do.

I just don’t think you can tell a person that you love them too many times.  I also don’t think it is ever an inappropriate time for a quick game of ass-grab but that is another story entirely.  Rest assured that Mike Month may be lagging but it’s not for a lack of love.

5 responses to “Love is All You Need

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  2. The bodhisattva's hair dresser

    There is nothing wrong with being happy. Just so long as you don’t expect it will always feel so new.
    KB, when did youngsters like us get so old?

  3. I will never be bored by the happily married woman that you have become, Kel. Only on TV do we have to kill off McDreamy to keep the story moving. Your real-life journey to happy will never fall flat for me. And…it leaves more time for you to listen to my ongoing goofiness! I love you, Kel. And Mike, and Em, and Lucy, and David and Scott and Lauren and Elle and my mom…i miss anybody? Sure. I love them too. I still love the movie
    “Love Actually” — Love is all around us….I feel it in my fingers. I feel it in my toes. Love is all around me. And so the feeling grows. It’s written on the wind. It’s everywhere I go, So if you really love me …you’ll put up with my happily married woman bullshit. :-) Keep it up, girlie.

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