Sharing is Caring…

Every time I go to bed or walk out of the house I wonder if the next time I walk back in it will be with a baby in my arms.  It is not out of the ordinary for me, especially since we have moved, to make sure things are picked up before I go to bed.  To run the vacuum in the morning after everyone has left or to wipe the kitchen counters down and start the dishwasher.   But I have been hyper vigilant (read: neurotic)  in the last few days.

I guess it is the get ready to have a baby equivalent of wearing clean underwear in case you get in a car accident.

As I sat down at the kitchen table this morning for a very un-Saturday like breakfast of Cheerios I was startled by two things.  The first, I had left the recycling on the counter last night, including the box from the pie I was eating while sitting on the exercise ball.  The second, my big girl… she looked  like a tiny little thing.  In her oversized Tinkerbell bathrobe, she looked so young.  It’s easy to forget that Em is still a tiny kid. Sometimes her “wise beyond her years” self almost tricks me in to thinking she really isn’t six years old.

I grabbed my phone and started taking pictures, hoping to capture this moment.  And then this lovely moment of my little girl eating breakfast with the sun light on her face turned in to this…

"Can I ask you a question?"

She made this sneaky face and started to grill me.  “Did you eat the whole pie last night, Mom?”

“No, I did not eat the whole pie….”

"Really? The box is on the counter."

She thought she had me backed in to a corner, that she had busted me.  And I told her “No, actually I saved you a piece.”


She seemed satisfied with that answer and returned to her bowl of cereal.  She ate in silence for a bit before she had a proposition.

"We can split it. You and me."

 She’s a keeper, that kid. I like the way she thinks.  Almost as much as I like pie.

5 responses to “Sharing is Caring…

  1. How do you get the perfect picture of her expressions?
    Just rock, I guess.

  2. Nora is intensely interested in those pictures. I’m not going to tell her the story though. Because then she’ll ask for pie.

  3. You and your kid are both awesome.

    I am now going to go eat a big, hot Saturday breakfast to make up for your lame Saturday breakfast. But, Cheerios are awesome, too, so don’t feel too bad. :) XOXO

    • Enjoy that big hot breakfast. I gotta tell you… Cheerios. And pie. It’ snot so bad. It’s no french toast and sausage and eggs… but it’ll do in a pinch. :)

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