Someone really should have been playing Taps

Shame.  I don’t really have any.   To that end when I do something particularly inane, something that might actually embarrass a person capable of feeling shame, I like to share it with facebook.  So everyone can delight in my foibles.

This morning I left the house in a scrunchie.  Twice actually.  The first time it was not even quite 7:30 in the morning and I was picking up breakfast items from Weaver Street Market just down the street.   I was going to let that slide.  But then I did it again.  I was making  a habit of this.  Scrunchie wearing.

photo courtesy of the Huffington PostI am not the only woman on the planet guilty of this heinous crime.  But I refuse to allow myself to let Hillary Clinton guide my fashion choices.  Stacey & Clinton, yes, Hillary Clinton, no.  So, that’s no excuse.

I don’t even know how it is that I still own a scrunchie.  And when I tossed it out on to the internet this morning I didn’t expect to get a reaction.  But it seems people feel strongly about the scrunchie.   And for the most part, they feel appalled that I own one.  I am a girl that wears cropped overalls for fuck’s sake.  So, for me to shock and appall my friends with my fashion choices, this is not an easy task.

I did two things today that were unusual.  I wore a scrunchie while not washing my face.  Out in to the world.

One can see from this picture I am also wearing Vibrams, a bold fashion choice.

And then, I succumbed to peer pressure.  The fashion conscious among us, you will be pleased to know this…. I threw that fucker away.  It was the last one.  I have had it for at least twenty years.  The rubberband inside that scrunchie must have been made of steel. And there, in the dog park, I tossed it.

The folks at the dog park were treated to my smiling face sans scrunchie.

"Have some humanity. Haven't any of you ever had a dream?" ~Tangled

Big day for me.  This morning I set myself some out loud Life goals.  And then I pitched my scrunchie.  I’m not sure it is gonna help me right away.  But as soon as I stop carrying around this basketball this shit is gonna get REAL.

Just not yet.  I’ve got about seven more weeks of being barefoot and pregnant.

And really when you look this hot, who would notice one lousy scrunchie?

2 responses to “Someone really should have been playing Taps

  1. Honey, hair as beautiful as that should never be tucked away inside a scrunchie.

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