Daddy’s Little Girl

I am kind of superstitious.  As much as I yammer on I keep my cards closer to my chest than you might think.  When my Universe is in flux I tend to just shut up and hold on.  

This morning a girlfriend said “You don’t really talk much about your dad.” And my eyes welled up with tears.  “Nope.  Because there isn’t that much to say.  It isn’t complicated.  I Love him, like little girl Love him. He’s my Dad. And I’m his little girl.”

I’m not a fan of vaguebooking (the intentionally vague Facebook status) nor do I think it is all that cool to use my blog to tell someone else’s story.  Occasionally I have to make a choice to just shut up altogether or to tell only part of the story. 

My dad needs surgery.  This little girl is kind of inside out about that.  I might be quiet this week.  I am planning to head to see my father as soon as I am able.  In the meantime if you have extra good juju, prayers or well wishes – I’ll take them.  He’s going to be just fine. Because he’s my dad.  He’s fought bigger battles.  And he always wins. Because he’s my dad. And I am his little girl. 


16 responses to “Daddy’s Little Girl

  1. oh, kelly! what a lucky daddy to have a little girl like you! all will be well…

  2. Sending my guardain angel your way ! Prayers for your family.

  3. crankygiraffe

    Thinking about you. Everything will go well!

  4. Wishing your Dad all the best and a very successful surgery.

  5. Prayers coming your way Kelly

  6. Thinking of you and you’re family. Take care of yourselves. Sending positive and loving thoughts.

  7. All the juju. Comin’ at ya.

  8. thefoodiefarmer

    Couldn’t relate more, sending all kinds of good juju his way. Dad’s need their little girls to take care of them sometimes.

  9. From one daddy’s girl to another…..sending lots of good thoughts and energy your way. Get to him as soon as you can.

  10. Thinking about you both and your family. But he is a tough guy (very soft on the inside) and will do very well – I feel it in my bones.

  11. Colleen @ The Family Pants

    You got it, babe. Love you, Kel.

  12. you’ll both be in my prayers Kelly – breath…

  13. Hopeing for the best

  14. Yup. We’ll be thinking and praying for y’all!

  15. Sending positive thoughts your way!!

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