Our girl

I am cleaning up cat puke.  I may or may not have been scowling and grumbling to myself.  “You shouldn’t have to do that, Mom.  It is not your repsonsibility.”

To my credit I did not say “Really, Em?  Are you gonna do it?”  Instead I simply said “Of course it is.  Cats don’t clean up their own puke.”

“But it’s really Dad’s cat.  I mean, it is our family’s cat, but it is really Dad’s cat.”

“Well, honey, that’s not very nice.  What if Dad said you were really my kid and you weren’t his responsibility?”

It came out of my mouth and it was like I could see the words floating in the air.  I couldn’t shove them back in to my face.  So, I froze.

MQD giving me "The Face."

And in an instant I knew we were a family.  She might worry why the neighbors don’t play with her.   But she knows damn well her place.  There is a face that MQD makes.  He makes it kind of a lot.  At me. It translates to “Did you just say that?  Are you listening to yourself?  I love you, I do, but you are out of your ever loving mind.”

She made The Face.  And said “Right.  But we know that’s not true.”  And she shook her head.

We might never close on our house.  I might go insane from the boxes and the waiting.   Any one of a million things could happen with the baby.  I might not have a lot of the answers.  But we are a Family.






5 responses to “Our girl

  1. again – love it!! Sorry you are having so much trouble with the house thing – if it makes you feel any better my mom just reminded me that Thursday was one year anniversary of me putting in offer in on my house and closing was on Feb 4th- 4 months of HELL!!! BANKS SUCK- or last that was my issue!!! hang in there doll!!

  2. It’s my favorite. There is much tolerance in that smirk.

  3. I get that same face all the time :)

  4. Way to sucker punch me to the gut and make me cry at the end. That girl of your is one smart little lady.

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