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The Star of the Show


Whether it is an angel or a star or a 12 inch Elvis that you put atop your Christmas tree the chances are good that it is special to you.  In our house we have a brass star.

Last year MQD and I shared our first Christmas as a family.  As he lifted Emily up to put the star on our tree I grabbed the camera, my eyes filled with tears.   As she was the youngest person, it was her job.  I took a million pictures, hence the wild look in their eyes.  I think they were fed up with me by this time.

I failed to snap a picture this year of Emily as she placed the star atop of our tree.  We were all sick with a stomach bug so pictures were kept to a minimum, but today I had these two reenact the event.

I might not have shed a tear the day we topped our tree this year, but I have more than made up for it in the last few weeks.  Counting down the days to Christmas, one ornament or Christmas decoration or tradition at a time I have had more than a few occasions to get choked up.  And now it’s here.

I can hear Peanuts’ Christmas music in the kitchen as MQD cleans up from dinner.   Em is on the couch watching Christmas shows.  I have my feet propped up with ice as it seems my ankles are finally getting the pregnant lady swell.  Cookies are made and waiting for Santa.

Nothing left to do but snuggle up, close our eyes and wait for Santa. Thanks so much to all of you for spending this month with me.  Merry Christmas!