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Mommy’s Capricorn

So, I was having a little bit of a mini meltdown.  But it’s over.  The maternal hormones have levelled out and I am ready to have a baby.

And this is how I know.

Every day I drive past a few farms.  My favorite of all of them has quite a few goats.  I am a pretty big fan of goats.  They are cheerful little creatures.  They make me smile.

It’s not lost on me that I am gestating a Capricorn.

I slow down and I smile at the goats a couple of times a week.  And today I thought maybe I’d even stop and pay them a visit. I pulled in the driveway and made Em jump in the car. I told her it was a surprise.  I guess she knows me better than I imagined.  Right away she asked me “Is it a cute animal, Mom?”

“Yep.  Two of them.”

We pulled up next to the fence and when I rolled down the window at least a dozen goats started running towards us.  And all of a sudden…. I felt the “Oh my god, they’s so cute….” totally overwhelm me.  Because it wasn’t just a bunch of cute goats.  It was goats AND FUCKING PONIES!!!

Guys.  I’m gonna make it.  I only have to be pregnant for five more weeks.  And there are goats and shetland ponies less than half a mile from my house.   And they are crazy cute.  It is hard to be filled with rage and anxiety when this little buddy will come right up to the fence and smile at you.  With the goats serenading you in the background.