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GTFO, Sad!

Sometimes I feel inside out.  Like the parts that are supposed to be on the inside are on the outside.  When I was 18 I got the cartilage in my ear pierced and it didn’t hurt when the needle went through.  It didn’t hurt when he put the earring in.  But when I went outside it stung.  Maybe it was the chill in the Boston air.  But the way I explained it to myself is that a little bit of my insides were exposed to the air.  And it stung.

I live with my insides on the outside.  Lucy called me Mama this week and I wept.  Emily realized that I want every single extra minute she will give me and I held her hand tight and tried not to cry.  The littlest moments make my heart sing.  These moments don’t have to wind their way down deep in to my heart and soul to touch me because my heart and soul is right underneath my skin.  Sometimes it is even on the outside of my skin holding itself together with nothing but sheer will.

When there is this much good, this much joy, this much Christmas spirit and this much love in your day to day it is harder to reconcile when the Sad rolls through.  Usually I exercise the Sad away.  Bicep curls make me feel like a bad bitch.  Even if I do those bicep curls in my living room while I watch Rikki Lake and listen to Katy Perry somehow I still walk away feeling strong.  Because I made the time.  For me.  Because I am important.

I have been busy.  I have run errands.  I have made Christmas ornaments and cooked holiday meals and wrapped gifts. I have not exercised much at all in ten days.  And I have cried.  Holy shit, I have cried.  And I have lied by omission.  “How was your day?” he asks me when he gets home from work.

“It was great! I hung the stockings!”

But it was not great.  It is hard to throw yourself a Pity Party when you are married to a realist.  This morning I gave up the act.  I tried to tell him this morning about my bad case of the Sad and without forethought I blurted out “I don’t feel special.” Before I could stop myself I pointed out that he will surely tell me that no one is special and we will all be eaten by the worms some day.

Sometimes when you lean on the people you love they give you what you need.  The last time I felt paralyzed with fear MQD gave me just what I needed.  He gave me strength.  I was trying to mentally wrap my mind around having a baby last January.  I was in labor and I was scared.  “You’re a bad ass, Kelly. You just can’t be too much of a pussy today to be a bad ass.” 

This morning I was wallowing.  “But the worms will never have had a meal JUST LIKE YOU,” he said.

He’s right.  Pink toes

Hey, Sad! Yeah, you with the swollen eyes and the runny nose and the bad mood, I’m talking to you, Sad.  I have seasonally inappropriate toenails now and I am taking back the reins.  You can kiss my ass, Sad, my sweaty ass while I do a million jump squats in my living room and evict you.

Even if it is sixty-some degrees outside it is Christmastime, Sad.  I have a sweet, sweet husband and a big girl that makes me laugh.  My baby girl has started saying mama and she kisses with tongue. Things around here actually pretty great.  You gotta roll out, Sad.