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Day 58:Our kids shall inherit the earth….

Day 58 challenges you to think about what it is you will pass along to your children, specifically what skills. The suggestion that they offer is whittling. Not being particularly fond of whittling I had to come up with something else. While I was thinking about this, letting the challenge roll around in the back of my head until somethign crops up organically, Em was having herself a dance party in the living room.

Dance parties consist of a lot of various moves. But the single move that she has embraced from a very young age has been the air-guitar. She employs it mid power-slide, while head banging, even while absent-mindedly looking out the window. But recently she has added a new element. The “wheedling.”

I looked all over youtube for an appropriate clip showcasing this skill and I can’t find it.  And she will not do it for the camera. If you don’t watch Metalocalypse on AdultSwim you should .  Dethklok, the band on this cartoon show, features Skwisgaar Skwigelf , the fastest guitarest ALIVE! When he is playing sometimes he makes the sound we’ve all made, usually when  all alone practicing our air guitar.  It can best be spelled out “Wheedly, wheeedly, wheeedly, wheeeedly….”  etc.

So, anyway… I am thinking about whittling when I observe MQD assisting Em in her wheedling.  And there you have it… what skill have we passed along to Emily?  Wheedling.

Perhaps it goes deeper than that.  Like her mother, Emily will do anything for a laugh.  She values the joy of those around her more than maintaining decorum.  She has no problem making herself the butt of the joke, so long as the joke gets a laugh.  And I could be no more proud.  The kid is funny.  She had me rolling last night at dinner.

Is it okay to call your kid an ass?  As in “My kid loves to make an ass of herself.”  I hope so.  Because man, does she ever. And I fucking love it.

In lieu of a wheedling video I will share here my all time favorite Emily June original tune…  (only slightly better than last night’s “I wanna RED! RED!” song about popsicles to the tune of Twister Sister’s “I Wanna Rock!”)

I present to you… My Pet Maggot