If you give a kid a car nap…

If you give a kid a car nap than you might be stuck sitting in the car.

If you are in your car in the driveway you might just watch Breaking Bad on your phone.

But if you finished Breaking Bad yesterday you might not be ready for another commitment.

If you’re not ready for a commitment you might just sit in the front seat and look out the window.

If you look out the window you might start to think about how much you really, truly hate lariope.

If you hate lariope, you might decide to just pull a little up.

If you pull out a little you might find yourself digging up shit loads of lariope while your kid naps in the air-conditioned car.

IMG_2460You might have made a list for Home Depot by the time the bus gets home.

And when the bus gets home you might go buy a roll of weed mat and eight bags of mulch.

And everyone knows if you only buy eight bags you will go back for four more.

And now it is 5:30 and there is nothing but one glass of wine in the fridge and no dinner. Who works here? What did she do all day? Because she sure didn’t make anything for dinner.

IMG_1532 copy


Special thanks to Laura Numeroff and  If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. 

8 responses to “If you give a kid a car nap…

  1. And that, kiddo, is how stuff gets done! I wish I lived near you, I’d have taken all that lariope (I hate it too but it’s there and I need some more) and planted it with the other lariope I hate in the holes left by the bushes I ripped up.

  2. Oh, I love this!! Every day goes just like that! No giving a pig a party, either.

  3. BTW that hand shot looked like it came from an episode of CSI belonging to the cadaver of the week.

  4. Genius. And this is exactly how my life works all the time. If it doesn’t get done on impulse, it usually doesn’t get done.

  5. Awesome. And be sure not to give a pig a pancake.

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