I didn’t get the spring & summer potluck underway. But aside from that I think I realized the goals I set out to achieve. And here I am. Full Thanksgiving recap will come. Hosting tomorrow at our home. Happy Thanksgiving, y’all.

Excitement on the side

Thanksgiving has always been a time of reflection for me.  Not in the “Oh, I have all of these things to be grateful for…” way as many do.  But in a Virginia Slims kind of way.

It seems I have a tendency to clean “emotional house” around this time of the year.  Perhaps it is the impending new year, or simply the realization that I do have so much to be grateful for and that there is no reason to hold on to what is long gone or to that which really doesn’t serve me.  Whatever the reason, letting go is not my thing, but in November I do my best to look forward.

In 1993 I spent Thanksgiving crying because my high school love broke my heart. But later that afternoon I dismantled the shrine to him in my room (compete with black candles and glossy 8x10s, what?  Don’t judge.)…

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  1. You can clean emotional house all over me anytime, lady!

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