Confession: I love Katy Perry

I cried those goosebumps and happy tears kind of tears three times this afternoon. The kind you cry when watching someone succeed against all odds. Not big, fat sloppy Rudy tears but inspired tears nonetheless. I learned a lot about myself today.

I really, really do believe you can do anything you set your mind to.
Life is short. Precious. And short.
I need to remember that no one is what they appear to be. There’s more under the surface.
And I need to wear lipstick. And posssibly even fake eye lashes. But definitely lipstick.
And then we left the movie theater and I learned that Katy Perry isn’t touring right now and that that is just too damned bad. Because I kind of love her.

She does the running man when she is excited. She covers Whitney Houston’s I Wanna Dance with Somebody and brings a bunch of kids up on stage with her. She is sweet. And funny. Her sister works on her tour. Her best friend is the adorable Shannon Woodward from Raising Hope. Eating snap peas she looks at the camera and says “I want a hot dog. But I am eating these.”

I recognize Katy Perry: Part of Me is essentially a ninety minute commercial for Katy Perry. But I bought it, hook, line and sinker.

If there was any doubt in my mind about my new found love the conversation Em and I had on the way home sealed the deal. “You know when she was really, really tired, Mom, and that man said “Katy, do you want me to cancel the show?” I really, really thought that she’d say “I never wanted to have to do this…” and just cancel it. But you know she just got up and stopped crying and she started smiling. Because she didn’t want to give up.”


Now is when I could say that we rode along in silence contemplating our lives but actually I turned “Hot N Cold” back up and rolled the windows down even though it was raining and I pretended I was sixteen and Emily was… well, not six. And Lucy was asleep so she didn’t even get a part in this fantasy.

Later in the day Emily piped up again. (Writing the bestseller Things I Learned From Katy Perry in her head, I am sure.) “It’s sad that Katy and her husband broke up. I bet they love each other, it was just not a good idea to be married. They just liked to do different things. Katy was really busy travelling. It wasn’t really a good time to be married or have a baby. And she is only like sixteen. Like when you married Daddy. That happens when you are just too young.”

I did not correct her. We weren’t sixteen. And I more than chuckled at the idea that her father played the part of Katy Perry in this scenario.
Emily’s living room performances are accented by her pink guitar and her pink microphone. All of her signature dance moves are swiped from Wii’s Just Dance. Her song stylings are heavily influenced by Hannah Montana, China Anne McClain and the rest of the Nickolodeon/Disney pop star phenoms. Yesterday she added a new line to her shout outs to the audience, one she lifted directly from Katy Perry’s movie. “Thank you for believing in my weirdness.”
I can live with that.

Emily’s fan club. Visit us on facebook to see her latest performance.

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