I love this picture, taken moments after we were married.

I don’t know if a perfect union exists.  But I know that MQD and I are pretty damn close to perfect.  We balance one another out in a million ways.  Perhaps the most poignant of these ways is in the way we express our love for one another and in turn, the way we each need to be loved.

Underneath everything I think people are who they were as a little kid.  I am a little girl that wonders if people respect me as a person and see through pretty, little Kelly.  Mike is a boy that perhaps wonders if he is more than whip-smart. We are so different, the two of us. And yet, we are the same. Each of us a person that is confident in how we are perceived in one arena, maybe not so confident in another.

In this picture I see those two little kids.  I think that quiet boy is the dreamiest boy in the class, absolutely the cutest boy I’ve ever seen.  That boy is unimpressed with my showy confidence, instead admiring a strength and smarts I did not even know I posses.

I adore him.  And he respects me.  And you can see it all over our faces in this moment.

One response to “Balance

  1. totally amazing post <3 you're the greatest!

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