Christmas Shoes

I am a wee bit of a sap.  I cry at the drop of a hat.  At Hallmark commercials and baby pictures. Disney World.  Perfect pancakes.  Songs.

But if you thought this was going to be the part where I confess that I just can’t get enough of  The Christmas Shoes song (the song about the young boy whose mother is dying and all he wants is to buy her a pair of shoes for Christmas before she passes) you will be disappointed.  That song makes me want to put a knitting needle in my eye and twirl it around.

In fact, most things designed to bring out the sap in a person don’t do it for me.  If it has chimes or a xylophone the chances are good it will bring out the very best (or the very worst ) in my sense of humor.  That all depends on how you feel about mockery and sarcasm.

That having been said… I do have Christmas Shoes.  Released in the fall of 2005, my Candy Cane Chuck Taylor’s fucking rule.  Every year I wear them the week after Thanksgiving.  Before I put my tree up or drag out the Christmas decorations.  Out come my Chuck’s.  I wish I had worn them a bit more in later November, early December.  Because it seems I can barely see them this week.

7 responses to “Christmas Shoes

  1. I was hoping when I read the title if your post I would find a kindred spirit. Amen! I do not feel the least bit of remorse when I hear that song, giggle then belt it out to Stella as out of key as possible.

    Your Christmas shoes, on the other hand, bring a smile upon my face!

  2. Those chucks are freakin awesome!

  3. You called my feet dainty!! Hahahahahahahaha!! Grinch shoes it is!! Lol!!

  4. Those rock! At least what I can see of them….

  5. Those are AWESOME!!! I started to buy the Dr. Seuss ones last year but couldn’t quite bring myself to tromp around with the Grinch on my size nines!!

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