Rock on, little lady!

I am not very good at “trying not to get excited.”  Last night at about 9:15 we submitted an offer on a house.  Not just any house, but “the one.”  The House that could become “the one that got away” if it doesn’t work out.  And now we wait.

I have said to anyone that will listen today that I feel like I asked a girl to prom and she just stared at me.  Not yes, not no.  Just nothing.  I understand the dance.  The Negotiating Dance.  But I don’t enjoy it.  I can’t. I am too busy trying not to get excited.

So when we sat down to dinner tonight I didn’t expect to get hysterical giggles.  Maybe I should have.  Nobody makes me forget my troubles like the goons I live with.

MQD bursts out in to some spontaneous air drums and Em rolls her eyes. He says “You’d better get used to it.  I am gonna be embarrassing you for at LEAST fifteen more years.”

“You wish,” she replies.

MQD tends to adopt the same teenage manner of speech in response to Em’s.  “Do you even know what that MEANS?”

“Yeah, it means you HOPE you can embarrass me for fifteen years….”

“So, what are you gonna do?” he asks her.

She pauses  only briefly before she busts out her own sick air guitar.  Duh.  What do you think she is gonna do to combat your efforts to embarrass her with your air drumming?  Show you up with her fierce air guitar.  Puhleaze.


2 responses to “Rock on, little lady!

  1. excellent family you got there!

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