So, Dad…

So, Em has decided she wants to call Mike “Dad” after we get married. Daddy will stay Daddy and Mike can be Dad. It’s pretty cute. The other night I asked her if that was still her plan. She says “yup.” Mike says “You can try it out if you want, see how it sounds.” She rolls her eyes and says “Well, what would I say?” Mike says “Whatever you want…”

She pauses for dramatic effect…. “Dad, can I get a tattoo?”

I almost fell out of my chair.

He is in so much trouble.


4 responses to “So, Dad…

  1. Nicholas started calling Ken “Dad” from the moment we were married. In fact, at first he would find any excuse to say “Dad” to him. Alexa started to, and is starting to again. However, he other dad had a fit when she told him she now has two dads. She came home crying because “Daddy Drew said Ken is not my real Daddy.” It has taken a few months, but “Dad” is starting to come out of her mouth again. What has been hard is for me to get used to referring to him as “Dad” when talking to the kids. I’m getting there!

    After we walked up the aisle and Nicholas caught up to us, he ran up with tears in his eyes and gave us the biggest hug ever. He said, “I can’t believe we are finally a real family.” Best moment ever. This wedding stuff means a lot to them.

  2. bwahahahahaha! Granted, I don’t know him yet, but I suspect he knew he was in trouble when taking up with you in the first place…:)

  3. I’m going with a firm “Totally right.” Granted, I like to tell her “Never” when she asks, because I think hypocrisy is a sign of good parenting. :)

  4. Heh. Yeah, my kids are regularly plotting where they will get tattooed/pierced. I can’t decide if that means I’m doing things right or wrong…

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