Engagement: He Said, She Said

So I posted my take on our engagement… I asked MQD to write down what he recalls from the evening.  Funny all the details that I forgot to write down…

Excuse my poor grammar and sentence structure.I wanted to do something nice but Kelly and I didn’t have too many places that were specifically ours.  We had our first date, our first blind date, at Glass Half Full in Carrboro, NC.  We went to the bar across the street afterwards to hang out.  That sounds like a good as any plan for a proposal.  New beginnings and all that.I woke up that morning and put on khakis and my usual work shoes and a blue dress shirt.  I hoped Jenny would be there early this particular evening, so I brought the tie with me to work; it was the only one I was satisfied with.  I opened my white sock drawer and picked up the box that I had been checking on daily for a week.  I opened the box and looked inside the box in the box to make sure it was still there.  It was.  I left for work.

I knew Kelly was getting off early from work, so I jumped early too since I had to go to two banks to run errands and pick up Emily.  I saw a black Versa with a Virginia plate driving up Mt Ephesus.  The driver looked crazed.  I waved at Kelly.  I felt like we just caught each other playing hooky.

I came home and we took some pictures, and had some drinks before heading off to glass half full.  I think I tried to tie my tie 7 times.  It never looked right.  We drove to Glass Half Full and talked about our days at work.  We got there and they seated us in the booth we sat in on our first date.  We ordered beers instead of wine.  We had two appetizers: The cheese plate and the Fried Calamari.  I was not as hesitant to eat the Bleu cheese this time around.  Kelly still laughs just as loud.  Kelly ran to the bathroom for a second.  I figured that this is something to do between Kelly & I alone.  We don’t need to be gawked at like circus freaks.  I asked the waitress for a check.   There was an error on it.  I wouldn’t have noticed.  She brings another one while Kelly and I are at the table.  I keep making sure the box is in my pocket.

We decide to move the car in case we are unable to move it later and don’t want it towed.  The first lot is full.  We end up getting a sweet parking space next to Elmo’s in Carr Mill, next to the handicapped parking space.  We walk through Carr Mill because I think it’s faster from our pleasant location.  We’re holding hands.  We begin walking through Weaver Street Market. Kelly seems tense.  I have butterflies.  I’ve had them the whole night.  I don’t know how people do this and just ask.

We cross the street from Weaver Street to a fountain.  There was no one there.  I say to here, “Let’s do this thing.”  I tell her that I love her and I tell her that she makes me cry and I hope we’re very happy for a long time.  I get down on my right knee and and ask her, “Kelly, will you marry me.” Just like the movies.  She says yes and we hug and we kiss and she’s bouncing all around.  I think she forgot about the ring.  She spins around and I put it on her and it fits and I’m relieved.  There is a flowy-dressed, brown ponytail typical Carrboro woman walking by, Kelly tells her that I proposed to her and she said yes.  The girl says,”Great”, like she couldn’t have meant it less without missing a step.  We laugh alot at that.

We send pictures to the family.  Scott blows up our spot on Facebook. We go to Speak Easy to meet up with Tricia, Amy, Nate & Brian.  Brian brings Chia.  Brian didn’t have a clue.  I order us Jager.  Kelly likes Jager.  I can live without it.  We have a fun night.  I become juvenile and immature later in the night.  I shouldn’t drink shots.

MQD looks at me like this at least once in the course of every meal… tonight was unique in many ways… but he didn’t fail to give me the “eye.”



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