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I am perfectly well aware that having a TiVo box is not too unlike having an ancient flip phone. No one that has ever noticed my old TiVo box has failed to inform me that the cable company can record tv shows on my cable box for me. I know this. But Time Warner’s cable box doesn’t know me. Not like my TiVo box.  And not too sound like an old lady, but I really love my remote.  And I totally know how to use it.

TiVo records anything with Sarah Silverman. Because I used to keep the episodes of Crank Yankers when she co-starred. And anything with Peanuts or Charlie Brown in the title. So I never miss a holiday Snoopy special. (And once a month it records the episode of Frasier where Silverman plays Maris’ sister and at least that often the episode of Will & Grace titled “Big Gay Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.”  TiVo records new shows about restaurants because in my ten year relationship with TiVo I have watched nearly every cooking show premier. TiVo records garbage reality tv that I can’t even bear to watch just because I have never missed an episode of The Real World.

We go way back. Me and the TiVo. And when you have a long relationship it is hard to pick your favorite thing. TiVo knows my viewing habits.  And it doesn’t judge.  But my all time favorite thing is the Season Pass.

Yesterday I deleted a Season Pass. Em doesn’t watch tv during the school week. But Saturday mornings are for cartoons. I jumped for joy when I noted that we had unwatched episodes of Dora. Dora the Explorer wasn’t getting the love she used to to from Emily and I wasn’t sorry to let her go.

But Word Girl? Becky Botsford and Dr Two-Brains. I’ll miss them. Hell, I even have a soft spot for Chuck the Evil Sandwich Making Guy.  Word Girl isn’t getting as much play as The Wizards of Waverly Place and the rest of the teeny bopper garbage. None of it holds a candle to Saved by the Bell.  I hope My So Called Life is still streaming on Netflix when Em gets old enough to watch it.

It’s funny the things that draw attention to the passage of time. The training wheels last week were so obvious. But deleting Word Girl … if it weren’t for Scooby Doo I am not sure there’d be a single animated series on the Saturday morning lineup at our place.

My big girl just keeps getting bigger. We have another loose tooth. Last night I made her climb up in my lap in the rocking chair. She still fits, those long legs hanging over the side. I’m not sure I could have handled it if her feet touched the ground.


I love that you could easily select Ru Paul's Drag race when you were trying to watch That Metal Show. And if you want to come over and watch Garfield Gets Real you'd better hurry.