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Put the Bass in your Walk!

Sunday morning I got dressed.  You read that right.  Sunday morning.  Who gets dressed on Sunday mornings? If you don’t go to church, Sundays are for pancakes and pajama pants and yard work and walking the dog.  They aren’t for getting dressed.

But this Sunday we had plans.  Church plans.  MQD and I have tossed around the idea of checking out our local Unitarian church for ages.  There is something about a baby that makes me yearn to be part of a community.  There is a deep desire to be part of a greater good, to reflect upon the gratitude that I feel for the many joys I have experienced in the last year, joys that can only be described as blessings.  A Unitarian Universalist church and their “come as  you are” approach to worship is right up my alley.

This Sunday’s theme was seeing the world as you see yourself, through the eyes of Love.  We sang. We danced.  Even as we hokie pokied our way around the room, hand in hand with strangers, as silly as it felt, as desperately as I wanted to roll my eyes, I knew I wanted to come back.  We offered praises to the Universe for the trees and the sunshine and children.  On our way back to the car we walked by the very same trees in the very same sunshine we had walked by just an hour before.  But my smile was brighter on the way out.  I saw the trees and felt the sun on my face.

The last time I went to church for a Sunday Service I was 15.  I was wearing a tie.  And a blazer.  And I desperately needed to do something about my permed bangs.  There is no explaining my attire.  Teenage girls in the company of certain boys will do strange things. Including go to church in drag.

Twenty some years later I am not sure I know what I believe in.  But I know I believe in Ru Paul.  And not just because I look fierce in a tie.  

“My goal is to always come from a place of love …but sometimes you just have to break it down for a motherfucker” ~ Ru Paul.

Teenagers are weird.

*Title for my post shamelessly stolen from RuPaul’s Cover Girl.

Easy like Sunday Morning

20120415-080841.jpgSunday morning in my rocking chair. Baby girl has fallen back asleep on my chest. Big girl is outside playing and I can hear her laughing. My sweet husband has fallen back to sleep after his morning snuggles with his little lady.

There is nowhere I’d rather be. Absolutely nowhere.

Sometimes I write because I want to remember a specific moment. And sometimes I sit down to write because I feel so much that I know something real might come out if I let it. Right now? Tapping letters on my phone, looking around me to find a picture to describe this moment. There is nothing. No words, no image to capture a moment Iike this.

That’s all I’ve got this morning. Me. And Lucy. And the quiet of the morning broken up by the laughter of my first favorite girl. This is it. If this is as good as it gets I’ll take it.