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Ride on Red Hot Mama

A long time ago, in a previous life time there were two seasons.  Fall Tour and Spring Tour.  Widespread Panic, of course.  “Excitement on the Side” is actually a line from WSP’s “Bowlegged Woman.”

Long ago vacations were spent in a haze catching as many Panic shows as I could before I returned to work and my relatively more responsible life.  And then I was pregnant (and I still caught a few shows) and then Emily was born and my life suddenly seemed too busy to take a week to run around and  “see a band.”  I caught a few shows here and there when Em was still under a year old.   I can’t be the only music fan that rolled in to a hotel room full of people I hadn’t seen in forever and immediately set up a breast pump.

And then life went from busy to messy with my divorce. I guess some couples have “a song.” Jer and I had a whole god damn band.  It was part of what we did together.  We got new cars when we were pregnant with Em and immediately sticker slammed them and got matching WSP license plates, COCONUTS for me CHILYH2O for him.  You give up a lot when you leave a long relationship: friends, furniture, your favorite sweatpants since they don’t actually belong to you.  But I was determined not to give up my band! Continue reading