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It is.  My dream is so much bigger than my fear.  I promise.  I finally got to that space in my head where I am ready.  Where there is nothing left to do but walk and walk and walk and eat spicy foods.

And now even my Chinese food fortune cookies are taunting me.

I’d imagined that today I would sleep in and rest.  Watch a movie, maybe.  Work on quilting another baby blanket.  But screw it.  When the fortune cookies are even mocking you… you might as well go to work and file some shit.

Now, to find something to wear that showcases my new cankles and my foul disposition.

Elephantitis of the Ankles

“My feet look like elephant feet.”

As I struggled to get out of the car I dropped something.  For the 800th time today.  “I’m a mess,” I mumble to no one in particular.

From the back seat Em chimes in “And you can’t stop saying shit.”

Without missing a beat MQD says “You’re already Mother of the Year, only eight days in.”