In my 358 (soon to be 359)  blog posts I have never felt like I needed to go back and clarify something. But I’ve given it some thought and I fear that I said something recently that wasn’t exactly clear.

Last week I said my brother was the biggest asshole I’d ever met. In no way did I mean that I don’t adore him. Asshole might mean different things to different people. But in my world an asshole is a loveable guy. He yells at strangers when he drinks too much. But not mean things. Just harmless hollering. You can be telling him something excitedly and  he might reply “I don’t care”  with a stone face. But do not infer that he doesn’t care about you. If pressed he would point out that he cares so much about you that he can’t let you think that he gives a ahit about what you are saying. Because, well, that would truly be unkind.  If you do something embarrassing in his presence he will remember it for the rest of your life.

This morning I have reflected on the depth of love I have for my brother.

Because this morning I made a Pinterest dream a reality. Introducing my new Rad Racing tank top. Up cycled from the Tshirt my brother gave me years ago. And my bicep. Also courtesy of Pinterest (via a workout I found in the Fitness category.)

The take away from all of this is simple. I love my brother. And Pinterest. And the movie Rad.  Make no mistake about any of these cold, hard facts.

5 responses to “Clarification

  1. I want to know what you did to that shirt!! Send me the link … I have some tshirts that need an upgrade! :) And flex it girl! Own that muscle. I LOVE having muscles! I LOVE being the strong girl… I LOVE surprising people w/ my strength.. KEEP IT UP!

  2. Bicep!! I am now tempted to post a bicep picture on Facebook. Because it hilarious, because lifting makes me vain about my muscles, and because it is actually pretty tough to take a picture of yourself flexing.

  3. Yet again – you are awesome. I, and i would imagine many if not most other readers, got it when we read it the first time. Such a clarification shows a depth of understanding, the ability to see things from another’s perspective, and shines even more light on the mad love you have for your freakishly tall brother! {I might wait a week before issuing my clarification.}

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