If I was in an 80s Hair Band…

I have missed my calling. If only I was in an 80s Hair band then I would write songs about folding cloth napkins. Hiding Under the Napkins would be the first hit off my album titled “Stay At Home Rock.”  Lucy would be my number one fan.

(Sadly I just realized that my fantastic audio file will not appear on a mobile device. If “audio” appears as a link, have a listen. If not? Just trust me, it’s catchy. And in case you’re wondering “where is Lucy?” the answer is simple. “She’s hiding under the napkins!!!”)

5 responses to “If I was in an 80s Hair Band…

  1. I never recorded myself singing to my girls. My poorly-tuned voice may well be illegal in most states. You have enthusiasm and that’s what counts! Your voice is much better than mine.

  2. JUST got a chance to listen. I STILL sing crazy stuff to my kids. They’re not such big fans anymore though.

  3. I smell a hit. You, on the other hand, probably smell diapers. Better get on that.

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