Exercise Your Right!!

Exercise your right to vote.  Please.

I can look back on the last 20 years in a number of different ways.   The Clinton years, the Bush years, the Obama years.  The college years, the beach years, the Chapel Hill years.

This morning I noticed that the last twenty years of my life can be divided up in to the teeny, tiny bra top years, the wind pant years (coinciding with my Sporty Spice phase) and the more recent running skirt phase.

I won’t keep you.  I’ll make it quick.  Trashing the ancient teeny tiny running tops, donating the wind pants, keeping the running skirts.

Now go put on your exercise clothes and exercise your right to VOTE!



10 responses to “Exercise Your Right!!

  1. Voted, walked around the block while Dawn smoked…baby steps. I wasn’t smoking, and we went uphill for a bit. Teeny baby steps to joining a running group in the spring again. And yes, you are indeed cute.

  2. You are adorable!!! Love your hair…giant boobs…AWESOME!!!!! (I have some boobage myself…carry on.)

  3. I was more of a Ginger Spice girl myself. It was a horrifying couple of years for me.

  4. Done and done. Now for the rest of these lazy bums…

  5. Kelly,
    Damn right! Vote massively, if not I am telling Nickelback to get their Green card and write your next American anthem. Or Justin Bieber. You’ve been warned.
    Le Clown

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