Hot Stuff

I figured it out. The sexiest thing I have ever heard a man say. It is not what you’d think. Not a compliment to an often overlooked body part. It’s not romantic.

But it makes me want to jump his bones all the same.

“Where’s the diaper bag? What should I put in there?”

It’s a little thing. But it is a huge help.

Babies need their mama. Big girls want their mother. Spare outfits do not care who shoves them in the diaper bag. Wipes do not care who replenishes the travel wipe case. But when I am standing in line somewhere and notice I have a shit covered baby in my arms I care very much.

So, listen up dads. Find out what Mom likes in the diaper bag. Offer to pack it for her as she is racing to get out the door. Panty. Dropper. I promise.


Next to the bed he keeps his book, his blood kit, his wallet, his phone… and a sparkly headband. Just in case…

7 responses to “Hot Stuff

  1. And the sparkly headband is for those times he’s just feeling….so very very happy? :)

  2. And the blood kit is for his….victims? :)

  3. Love it!! That’s right up there with “Here Baby, let ME get that”. Doesn’t even matter what IT is. I swoon!! You’ve gotta love a man who knows when to pitch in!!

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