Three Months!!!

Dear Lucy,

This morning you slept in. I woke up when your dad was getting ready for work. He has been going in early so that he can spend even more time with us in the evening. I got up with your sister and helped her get ready for school. She climbed in bed to give you a kiss goodbye.

I was feeling overwhelmed yesterday so I took advantage of you sleeping in and cranked out a speed clean. A little before 8 I climbed back in bed with you.

I tried to just let you sleep. Really, I did. I just gave you a couple of kisses. Maybe three. And you wiggled a bit. Like you do in the morning.

And you opened your eyes. And you smiled. Like you do every day.

Everything is new to you. Every day a new experience. Each time you open your eyes and you see my face you smile. I pretend it is because you picked me. And that you are happy because while you’re ready for a day filled with new you are over the moon that the day will feature that same mom from yesterday.

I know that of all the babies that you might have been you are Lucy Quinn because I wanted you. Just exactly the way you are. I picked you.

And this morning when you opened your eyes and you grinned ear to ear, your eyes shining bright, I think maybe just maybe you picked me, too.

One response to “Three Months!!!

  1. Thanks, Kelly, for the darling pictures. Lucy loves her momma.

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