What’s the opposite of Desperate? Grateful?


There’s a Barbie bike
No beer cans or ash trays.
It is official.

Coffee in one hand
I’m doing the baby sway
In Sweats and slippers.

Smile on my face
The bus driver waves at me.
I can’t deny it.

Dishwasher humming
Today Show in the background
I’m not pretending.

I am all grown up.
Welcome to suburbia.
I can’t turn back now.

5 responses to “What’s the opposite of Desperate? Grateful?

  1. I think you’d be a rockin’ suburban neighbor — you’d bring over the Jack to pour in our coffee — xo

  2. Sounds like fun! I can’t wait for the whole bus thing myself! Pics are on there way to you. Hugs and smooches to you and your family!

  3. Welcome to my world! lol How are you liking being a SAHM?

    • It pretty much rules. It’s nice to feel good at your job. And like it matters. ;) Waited a long time for this… so I have my game face on.

      • Too bad we aren’t close. We could do coffee, lunch, playdates. lol Make sure to look for some play groups when Lucy is older….helps keep you from going crazy with the repetition and gives you some other adults to talk to.

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